Andrea Trovato, piano

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CD Andrea Trovato Gershwin

Rhapsody in Blue (Original version for solo piano)
Rialto Ripples
Prelude (Novellette in Fourths)
Three-Quarter Blues
Prelude (Rubato)
Prelude (Fragment)
Prelude (Melody No. 17)
Swiss Miss (The Cab-Horse Trot)
Merry Andrew
Three Preludes

  1. Prelude I
  2. Prelude II (Blue Lullaby)
  3. Prelude III (Spanish Prelude)

Impromptu in Two Keys

George Gershwin’s Songbook: 18 song transcriptions

  1. Swanee
  2. Nobody but you
  3. I’ll build a stairway to paradise
  4. Do it again
  5. Fascinating rhythm
  6. Oh, lady be good!
  7. Somebody loves me
  8. Sweet and low-down
  9. That certain feeling
  10. The man I love
  11. Clap yo’ hands
  12. Do-do-do
  13. My one and only
  14. ‘s wonderful
  15. Strike-up the band
  16. Liza
  17. I got rhythm
  18. Who cares so long as you care for me?

Two Waltzes in C (Adapted by Saul Chaplin)
Jazzbo Brown Blues (from Porgy and Bess)
Promenade (Walking the Dog)

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